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Slowly Masticated Music @ RUDECA vol.2

2021 November 14th, Sunday, we had a live music event with Ian-John Hutchinson, Shin Wonjung (신원정) & Yi Dooho (이두호) of Dianaband and us two (Seo Taekyung and Rui Inaba). The event ran from 2pm onwards till, well, until we felt we should all have a pause and a drink, which was well after 6pm. It was our first meeting with the wonderful duo of Dianaband. Dianaband are a most dynamic, melodius and vibalicious duo, and we were honored to be able to make music with them. A quick search will tell you more, perhaps in their own words. As you can see in the above photo, they use an assortment of created instruments, using a dizzying array of techniques, but also make use of found and ready objects, some more musically traditional, such as a melodica, and the synthesizers you can see. It was a pleasure and delight to be practicing some active listening. You might be aware that we at Rudeca are keen music listeners but it is not as often we get to create in tandem with friends. This was the second such meeting in a series we are looking forward to expand as the Winter begins. An edited recording will become available via AFM, the Auckland based Audio Foundation without which Rudeca could not have been. Will post about that as it becomes available.

Many many thanks to Ian-John, and Dianaband.


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