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It seemed vast and intriguing, capable of embracing everything, but there was also a strong tension, knowing that being swept away by the waves could lead to death. When i play around ocean. father was born during the Korean War and could not be officially registered for the first year of his life. I heard war stories from grandmother, such as the family hiding under rocks to escape, getting shot in the shoulder while carrying a baby due to the sound of its cries, and injured soldiers unable to return to their hometowns and slowly dying after the war.

My hometown was the only place in Korea where hunting the whale . I have vivid memories of being fascinated that sparkled when the sunlight broke over the sea.

From the age of 11 to 13, I trained as an archer. The training was intense, filled with violence. Love and peace seemed as unreliable as thin ice, and I relied on the world of imagination.

During high school, I joined the drama club, engaging in acting and even creating plays. As I entered an art college, I began to observe the internal and external deficiencies more closely.


I find solace in the resemblance between the birth and death of cells and the birth and death of stars.

The most direct role in the vitality of the body is played by the organs within. Humans find it difficult to observe their own organs with their eyes while alive. It belongs to me, yet it is as unfamiliar as the stars in the universe.





Tae kyung  Seo

born in South Korea.

2004-8 Korean National University of Arts. Fine Art. BFA

한국예술종합학교 미술원 조형예술과






_ Project

2022 'The Fool on the Hill' One and J Gallery, Seoul. Korea  

2019 'Cave Song',  with Rui Inaba. 17717, Seoul. Korea

2019 'Art stand still', group exhibition. Collar works, Newyork. U.S

2018 '이문동재개발목욕탕'(Reconstruction of Seoul-Leemundong), Jaeil Public bath. Seoul. Korea

2017  'Pawa Pawa performance festival', Paly station, Wellington. Newzealand

2017 'Two To Tutu Too - Bone Unit, Audio Foundation, Auckland. Newzealand

2017 'Emic' ,Tad gallery, group exhibition. Taxas. U.S

2017 'Bulgasari NZ-Korean sound art in Aotearoa' , Audio Foundation, Auckland. Newzealand

2016 'Is this (not) a woman' , Tad gallery , group exhibition, Taxas. U.S.

2016 'gubokgubok nothing' , 플레이스 막 Place Mak , solo exhibition. Seoul. Korea

2016 '20/92 video festival', Icebox project Space, Philadelphia. U.S.
2015 'PAF15', Bunker project gallery, Pittsburgh. U.S.
2015 'Headpeice', Space Saalgoo, groupe exhibition. Seoul. Korea

2014 ‘Gloomy monday’, Space Saalgoo, group exhibition. Seoul. Korea

2014 ‘Happyi mistake', Space Saalgoo, group exhibition. Seoul. Korea

2013 'A4hysteria', Space Toomuchhysteric, group exhibition. Seoul. Korea

2013 '낚독회(Fishing Poem)', Space Toomuchhysteric, group exhibition. Seoul. Korea

2013 'Black square', gallery 101, group exhibition. Seoul. Korea

2012 '가슴수제비파티(soup of boobs)', 소망부동산(Hope real estate), Solo exhibition. Seoul. Korea

2011 'Ang Pagang at ang Unggoy' 국립민속박물관 The National Folk Museum of Korea. Philippines Kumusta. 2011 기공식 Open ceremony video screening, 국립현대미술관 서울관 National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Korea

2010 '소망 부동산(somang budongsan)', 소망부동산(Hope realestate). solo exhibition. Seoul. Korea

2007 'Drawing Variation', 175gallery, group exhibition. Seoul, Korea




2021 'Double Door Domain. Sanmarcco dartoroc Publishing

2013 'I can’t cry.' Sanmarcco dartoroc Publishing





바다는 모든 것을 품어줄 듯 드넓고 재미있지만 파도에 잘못 휩쓸리면 죽을 수 도 있다는 긴장이 있었다. 아버지는 한국전쟁중에 태어나 1년동안 출생신고도 할 수 없었다.어릴 적 외할머니가 들려준 전쟁일화들(바위 밑으로 아기를 데리고 온가족이 피신한 일, 아기울음소리에 들켜 어깨에 총을 맞은 일, 전쟁이 끝나고 부상당한 군인들이 고향으로 돌아가지 못하고 죽어가던 일들)을 들었다. 고향은 바다와 가까웠고 한국에서 유일하게 고래사냥을 하던 곳이었다. 바다 위에 부서 지는 태양에 매료 되었다.   11살부터 13살까지 양궁선수로 활동했다. 사랑과 평화는 살얼음판같이 믿을 수 없는 것 이었고 상상의 세계에 의존했다. 고등학교때 연극부에 들어가 연기를 하며 연극을 만들기도 했다. 예술대학에 들어가며 내부와 외부의 결핍을 관찰하기 시작했다.



세포의 탄생과 죽음이 별의 출생과 죽음과 닮아 있다는 것에 위로를 느낀다. 신체의 살아있음에 가장 직접적인 역할을 하는 것은 몸 속의 장기이다. 인간은 살아있는 동안 자신의 장기를 두 눈으로 관찰하기 어렵다.  나에게 속해 있지만 우주의 별들만큼 미지의 세계이다. 



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