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Rudeca “immolation” album release

December 4th, 2021, delighted to release first album on Bandcamp. Search rudeca and immolation on bandcamp.

This album was a long time coming for me, and I’m glad to have broken water, so to speak. It’s also a first in hopefully, a series of many, for the Rudeca company. There are no rigid conceptualizations, neither for the label nor the album. Actually, the album is a single track split in four for “distribution”, or “format” reasons.

the Album is divided into four tracks, but all a whole that is not really difficult to envision. The composition is a model I had for meditation and deep listening, in which the listener can be entertained but also reminded to breathe deeply. A drone of varying pitches, of a waveform that is not sinuous was an intentional choice to punctuate time and envision the area between rhythm and tone. I was particularly drawn to a drone and percussion sort of arrangement, but along the way was attracted to this form somewhat analogous to the rhythm of breathing, and music placed in a less crowded half followed by a crowded half. One inspiration was our trip to the beach on the South East coast of Korea in September. The two parts of the cycle is both a building and dismantling. Something is built and resolved, thus immolation.

the way that I assemble my compositions, and in this case, finally, an album to offer, is roundabout. Like my sentences haha. It comes from a lot of experimentation and trying tools not entirely correctly. Most often, i spend time experimenting, for my own amusement, and there is no strict need to produce something for others. I found that this step is a conundrum, and not entirely understood, but I’m happy to present this as is, knowing that we are all not here to have the best whatever; but something, really, to entertain the mind, with limited amount of bitter regret, if that should present itself. It often happens that I’m not entirely satisfied with my own efforts, for whatever reason, and I simply have to do something else. And I suppose that this album making is not so different. At least I would rather that I could approach this process with similar degree of comfort and confidence I have with live performance.

As to deciding why this piece of music should be the first I release; there are no reasons I can present, other than that it must start somewhere, and lead wherever.


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